Thanks in advance!

The book is now printed, but there’s a lot yet to be paid! :) Although many beautiful people all over the world have contributed {caring family and wonderful friends included!}, the printing process and the postage costs still represent big expenses. So if you can and feel happy to contribute somehow, I’d be grateful for that!

To me, more important than paying for it, is to know that more and more people all over the world get to see what was written and drawn by me. It is my way to share my heart and story.

Here’s how to contribute: 
Just click the Pay Now button below – a new tab of a PayPal page will open for you. You’ll notice that it starts with U$1: if you want to contribute with U$10 or more, simply update the quantity box to 2, 3, 10 times and so it goes!
Thanks in advance!


When I stepped outside, turning back after waving a 
long postponed goodbye to the warm light house, 
an endeared chipmunk stopped on my way,  
looking at me with his small hands over his little heart.



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