The big last day is today!

It seems like it was ten days ago that I pressed the “Go Live!” on the fundraising campaign to help get the book The Warm Light House printed. It seems like it was ten days ago – and it also feels like it was four months ago; so many nights and days taking care of it, that I got lost in time!

It was October 21st when I turned on the campaign at IndieGoGo and there it stayed for about 40 days; now it gets to its end.

Through the website we had about 48 funders, almost 900 visitors,  383 “Likes” via Facebook, lots of sharing and more than 8.500 page views! The U$3.000 goal was a way far from being reached, it is true, but my happiness on seeing each new click, each comment, each sharing, was certainly beyond attained.


Out of the website, through direct deposit or in person, there are another 13 funders until now, and other contributors to come. Together, besides collaborating with the costs on production, those people represent the wonderful opportunity for me to share my work; the one I’ve been dedicating my love and my time.

This is not a Goodbye yet – WE STILL HAVE 20 MORE HOURS OF CAMPAIGN!! – but I’d like to thank in advance for all of each one’s love and attention, who helped as possible, for the genuine support, for trust on the results of my work. Thank you very much. 

This week deserves more updates, photos, videos.
More and more updates coming soon!
A big hug,

Good to remember: 
If you want to contribute, to have a copy of the book, to give it as a gift, it’s still in time! 
Get in touch :) 


Production of perks – Choose your set of magnets!

The last days of campaign are getting to the end, however, on the other hand, my days of making all other perks are just starting! 

Last Friday I got the proof test from Art3 –  a place in Goiânia that, graciously through Adriane and Bosco, is charged with the printing of the books. On Monday I’ll be returning to them the checked proof test and then it will really get started! We’re waiting for the books to be “ready to go” by December 14th, ready to be sent to Brazil and the world!

In the meantime, I started the production of other perks for contributions – the sets of magnets were the first. It’s a total of 12 different cute-options!

Produzindo ímãs - TWLHouse   Produzindo ímãs 2 - TWLHouse

Here I come with much joy to invite everyone who could contribute with U$50 – “Everything ‘n More” – to make their choice of magnets :) All you have to do is to leave a comment here on this post, indicating by the number/name. 

*As a “pre-gift”, here I bring some phrases of the book that soon enough will be in your hands ;)
A big hug and thanks!

The options –





Cozinha 1 - The warm light house


Cozinha II - The warm light house


Sala de jantar - The warm light house


Sala de estar - The warm light house


Mata e Floresta - The warm light house


Chá e Biscoitos - The warm light house


Memórias - The warm light house


No carro - The warm light house


Balões - The warm light house


Stop motion animation – Perks – The Warm Light House

Good morning!

Even though we have only 12 days left to shut down the campaign, the advertsing for it can’t stop!
“Stored” in my computer for almost two months, I just finished editing this stop motion animation to show the campaign’s perks for each contribution.

Animation is not my area, but I hope you enjoy it :]

Little surprises at 1AM

Yesterday I spoke so much about the campaign being listed on the front page of Popular Campaigns, that just now, at 1AM, visiting the campaign’s page as often, I got to see this little great surprise –

Our campaign there, oh-so cute, on the front page of the website! :)

Your support is essencial for the success of the campaign.
Access it. Contribute. Share it. Participate!

One, two, three – Launch!

Last hours before launching the campaign!

Tense moment! – Tension and joy. ANXIETY would be more correct.
I just received the notification that was needed to launch the campaign: a confirmation from PayPal.
Now I just need to complete the campaign’s profile at IndieGoGo, check all project informations and launch it!



– Noting that you can help funding the project with your credit card or debit card or by PayPal – wether you’re registered with the website or not.

If I have your email address or if we’re Facebook friends, I’ll be sending you a notification about the campaign.
Otherwise you can check its status here.
Thanks and see you soon!!

Creative Commons and Jamendo

When making a project as a video for a campaign, for example, that requires the use of intellectual work (artistic, literary or scientific) of others, it’s important to observe the license of use attributed to the media, regardless if the project and its dissemination are for commercial or personal use. 

We hear so much about Copyright, where all rights are reserved by the author and modification, alteration, distribution or creation of derivative works without permission of the authot are not allowed. In opposition and criticism of the Copyright was created the Copyleft, which is still not only a pun on the name: while the former represents “All rights reserved”, the second proposes the “All rights reversed.”

CC – Creative Commons

Searching for licenses while chosing a music for the video, I found the Creative Commons. With the growing of the digital world and the inherent presence internet has in contemporary times, the CC is to bring together and create a balance with the traditional Copyright. 

The choice of license can be made ​​online, in minutes, generating an HTML code, and anybody can get one. There are several combinations of licenses, which determine from the form of distribution to the permission to modify the work, as an example “Attribution – Non Commercial Use” .

Jamendo – Free music download, legal and unlimited

A little disappointed with the results of searching the database of the Public Domain, being in continuous search for royalty free music or under the CC licenses, I found Jamendo: a virtual platform that in addition to being a community, online radio and more, provides space for artists around the world offering their songs for download.

You can search the website through parameters such as musical style, duration of the album and popularity. When accessing a page or an album will download the license notification that the author attributed to the work.

It was by selecting style tags that I found the work of Alexander Franke. The young German musician, who makes his compositions available on the site since 2008, allows the transmission of his work on the condition that the work is attributed to the author.

“Jumping Around” was the instrumental music chosen for The Warm Light House video, which will go live this week so you can collaborate :)

I hope this post has contributed with some information.
Happy hug,

p.s. I should add that I’m not an expert about the issues of intellectual property, registering and licenses!!! This post is more in order to share my research wirth those whom might be interested!

Some useful links:

Creative Commons
About the Licenses
CC Search engine

Almost there!!

With great joy I come to announce the “Almost there!!” (Of course! It’s still the “almost there” , but it already fulfills me!)

After one week turning nights into days working with After Effects, this night I finished editing the video presentation of the book’s campaign, this last one now ready to go live on the IndieGoGo website. 

With the help of Guilherme Araújo the final audio adjustments were done and then the video was rendered – until then I had come to find that the process was all lost, because of this bad habit I have of wanting to do things “in any way, no matter how” sometimes and, therefore, for not having used professional equipment at the time of recording. I was speaking tongue-tied and nervous when I recorded the film. The size and video quality were too low. The audio, only hissing. “Now it’s ‘Delete it and do it again’ eh!”, I thought. But it was made ​​possible and hopefully you’ll enjoy the result!

Watching the final video, even with the campaign not launched yet, was already a “phew”. A kind of relief (that then I realized) was as it symbolized the end of a phase far beyond “a simple conclusion of a video” or a job, but as something that represents a better cope with the “present absence” of things that no longer are and thus are gone.

Watch out your e-mail and Facebook this week: the campaign will be launched and I will send you a personal notification to access the page!
See you there,

While you sleep

Good morning, world!

While you sleep, The Warm Light House video campaign gets ready!

Over the weekend we finally had the film recording, and the last two days are all about layers and layers of edited videos, images, animation and cutouts to leave everything to the point of launching the campaign at the crowdfunding website!

(For the experts in After Effects, please do not repair the mess.) There’s a preview of it above –

Have a great day,

The hardest part of the process!

I never thought it could be so hard to make a video for a project of your own. It’s interesting because I should actually be confident and calm to speak about it, but apparently no. 

After a whole week thinking about the speech for the video, some days ago I finally started to “talk” to the camera and to feel (or try to feel) more confident when recording.

The results? After a whole pile of 8 or 9 films I got nothing good enough to save – unless I use them for a “Fails”. It seems like this is going to be a very hard thing to do, perhaps the hardest part of the whole campaign, I dare to say!

Let’s see what the next days and films will bring.
A warm hug,

On the way!

This blog is a space I created to post everything related to The Warm Light House – Have I told you about it?

The Warm Light House is an illustrated book I made and which has been receiving my dedication for some months by now!

On the last weeks I’ve worked on the campaign page of the book in a crowdfunding website – IndieGoGo was the one I chose, together with the opinion of some endeared friends of mine, to have my project going online! We need to raise funds for the printing of the book and I hope to count on your participation.

– I’m sorry if any mistakes in English :) –
More updates soon!
A warm hug,