In 2011 I wrote and illustrated the story called The Warm Light House. At first, it was just like an activity to hold on to and to help me move forward from what inspired me to write the story; but once I showed it to family and friends, they encouraged me to think bigger. The desire of sharing it with other people came up and now this project represents an important achievement for me.

I believe this book is inspiring and I’d be happy to share it with everyone who feels related to it!

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The Warm Light House – IndieGoGo Writing Campaign from Thais Barra on Vimeo.

A fundraising campaign to help it get printed was on from October 21st until November 30th. Although we didn’t reach our goal, we printed the books and now they’re out there from North to South in Brazil and also in Peru, London, Amsterdam, Canada and in many states of the United States!

Like on a detailed sensorial journey, the main character goes showing The Warm Light House around in a humble but very particular way, describing those little ordinary things that persist in our hearts and minds and end up meaning so much to us. And that’s when a special character shows up.

Surrounded by the woods, they start a conversation about Dreams and Plans, about core things, and of how hard something can get when it doesn’t happen as we’d like…

“The sensation of the floor beneath the bare feet. (…) The kitchen, sanctuary of great smells, tastes and talks.” / “I will lie down next to you and tell you beautiful stories, of better times, until you fall asleep. (…) Her little brown eyes made him only then see the parked car urgently waiting to drive her.”

Book features

Disguised as Children’s Literature, the story goes from a descriptive narrative to a dialogue.
It’s an English-Portuguese bilingual edition, its format is aprox. 11″x8″, 42 48 full-colored pages long.
The illustrations were all done freehand: if the trace didn’t look right to me, then everything was redone, same for coloring, in which crayon and oil pastel were used.