The big last day is today!

It seems like it was ten days ago that I pressed the “Go Live!” on the fundraising campaign to help get the book The Warm Light House printed. It seems like it was ten days ago – and it also feels like it was four months ago; so many nights and days taking care of it, that I got lost in time!

It was October 21st when I turned on the campaign at IndieGoGo and there it stayed for about 40 days; now it gets to its end.

Through the website we had about 48 funders, almost 900 visitors,  383 “Likes” via Facebook, lots of sharing and more than 8.500 page views! The U$3.000 goal was a way far from being reached, it is true, but my happiness on seeing each new click, each comment, each sharing, was certainly beyond attained.


Out of the website, through direct deposit or in person, there are another 13 funders until now, and other contributors to come. Together, besides collaborating with the costs on production, those people represent the wonderful opportunity for me to share my work; the one I’ve been dedicating my love and my time.

This is not a Goodbye yet – WE STILL HAVE 20 MORE HOURS OF CAMPAIGN!! – but I’d like to thank in advance for all of each one’s love and attention, who helped as possible, for the genuine support, for trust on the results of my work. Thank you very much. 

This week deserves more updates, photos, videos.
More and more updates coming soon!
A big hug,

Good to remember: 
If you want to contribute, to have a copy of the book, to give it as a gift, it’s still in time! 
Get in touch :) 


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